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Professional Well & Water Services in Greater Fredericton

Sullivan's Well Drilling Ltd. provides a wide range of well and water services throughout Greater Fredericton for residential, commercial and environmental purposes, including the following:

Drilling (from 6” to 36” diameter)
Colour video well inspection
Chlorinating wells
Existing buried wells extended above grade
Hydro fracturing
Mini-excavator service
Pump sales, installation and service
Test hole drilling
Test pumping
Well flow rate testing (in gallons per minute)
Well grouting

We’re also equipped and trained to create any type of well you require, usually in one day or less, including gravel packed screen wells (which prevent sand from moving back into your well which may decrease your well’s productivity).

Drilling (From 6” To 36” Diameter)

We are outfitted with the necessary rotary and air hammer equipment to drill holes of varying diameters, ranging from 6” to 36”.

Colour Video Well Inspection

If you are buying or selling a home supported by any kind of well, or if you’d like someone to take a closer look at the water system, contact us. We’d be glad to come out, take a look and let you know if we have any concerns.

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